Cityspan Funder™

Cityspan Funder gives grant making agencies a simpler way to administer monies and demonstrate accountability across the entire grants management lifecycle. Funder helps grant makers connect dollars to deliverables, providing an efficient, streamlined way to oversee complex initiatives, compare performance by site or provider, and document outcomes. 

Grants management for the real world

In practice, managing grants can get messy: no two grants are the same, and their differences can be exacerbated by multiple objectives, multiple funding streams, and inconsistent metrics for measuring outcomes. Cityspan Funder’s advanced data tools enable consistent grants management in the most complex environments.

Performance insights for grant makers and grantees

Cityspan Funder serves as common platform for measuring performance and demonstrating compliance: grantees get a clear and easy way to report activities; grant makers get robust analytical tools that help inform policies, direct resources, and maximize program impact.

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