Managing Data that Helps You Master Your Mission

For government agencies, school districts and nonprofit organizations with high standards and ambitious goals, data management can get messy. Cityspan solutions establish clarity over chaos, integrating your requirements into a single, streamlined system that makes your work more manageable and more rewarding.

Cityspan Provider™

For service agencies, Cityspan Provider is a complete system for recording participant information, tracking enrollment and attendance, and measuring outcomes.

Cityspan Funder™

For grant makers, Cityspan Funder is a centralized platform for managing grant agreements, monitoring grantee performance, and making strategic funding decisions.

Cityspan Collaborative™

Cityspan Collaborative is an integrated system that allows multiple partner organizations with unique data requirements to share data through a common platform.

Customize Your Solution to Integrate Actions and Insights

In practice, the relationships among providers and funders are as distinctive as their missions and methods. Cityspan customizes our solutions to fit your unique workflows, allowing you to combine features and functions from Cityspan Provider and Cityspan Funder into an integrated system that can meet each stakeholder’s specific requirements.

To learn more about our software or to find out which of Cityspan solutions can help your organization improve efficiency and service delivery, contact us.