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Cityspan Unveils New Website

Cityspan’s website has undergone a makeover and has emerged leaner, brighter, and more visually engaging. Our new look is a result of several months of collaboration with design firm J. Sherman Studio, web development firm AGENCY 3.0, and editorial services provider Epigram. This dynamic trio of creatives challenged us to tell Cityspan’s story and connect with clients in a new and appealing way.

Presenting our products and services clearly within a few short web pages is a challenging endeavor, especially in light of Cityspan’s business model, which provides clients the flexibility to customize the system based on their unique requirements. To offset this challenge and maintain authenticity we were guided by a clear set of goals and outcomes.

We want our new website to:

  • Be accessible and engaging – First impressions are important, and we want to provide a responsive website experience that is intuitive and accessible on any device.
  • Reflect Cityspan’s true identity – We’re a transparent company and our site should provide the same level of clarity and insight into who we are and how we operate.
  • Facilitate the selection process – Selecting and implementing a new system isn’t easy. We want to provide the information necessary to make the process easier for our prospective clients.
  • Form connections – We value the longstanding relationships we have with our clients. As a first introduction to Cityspan, our website should provide an easy way to connect with our team.
  • Be a resource – Years of experience implementing robust systems across multiple sectors has left us with a knowledge base we will gladly share with our site’s visitors.
  • Demonstrate results – Data is core to who we are. We want to help others evaluate our effectiveness by sharing client case studies and research that demonstrate the impact of our system solutions.

While we hope our new website catches the eye of prospective clients, ultimately our goal is to connect with clients that are not only the right fit, but who are interested in establishing a long-term partnership.

To learn more about how Cityspan solutions can help you optimize the efficiency and impact of your social service programs, contact us.