Cityspan created a network of interconnected data tracking systems for the Chicago Out-of-School Time Project (OST), a partnership of five city agencies that provide after-school youth programs to more than 200,000 youth annually: the Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services, the Chicago Park District, the Chicago Public Library, and After School Matters.

For each partner agency, Cityspan developed a separate “silo” system that reflected their unique data collection requirements and core business processes. Cityspan then linked these systems to give Chicago OST a citywide overview of programming.

With Cityspan, OST can now measure and improve the quality of services, and analyze programs and outcomes across agencies and neighborhoods. With a clearer understanding of youth service needs, OST can better coordinate service delivery, reduce duplicate programming, and ensure an even geographic and demographic distribution of services. In turn, individual agencies can streamline their operations and manage their programs more efficiently.

OST has leveraged this data to lobby for additional public and private funding to apply to programs that have demonstrated, measurable proven results. With the success of the system to date, the network has continued to grow as the city has added programs and agencies.


  • Online database to track and manage services delivered to more than 200,000 youth at more than 1,500 locations annually
  • Reduced OST costs previously required to transfer data between incompatible systems
  • Reduced partner agency costs for staff to complete standard, repeated tasks (e.g., registration)
  • Services targeted to youth and families in neighborhoods with greatest potential impact
  • Centralized intake and processing of youth applications for summer employment
  • Standardized service definitions and reporting metrics across partner agencies

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