Cityspan created a data collection and management system for the Boys and Girls Clubs (BGC) of Greater Milwaukee, the nation’s largest BGC chapter, which provides services to more than 35,466 members and 4,500 people daily. The system registers and tracks club members’ attendance and other detailed member information, including academic data, school attendance and suspensions, and family contact information.

The Cityspan system features online registration and attendance tracking, and includes more than 10 years of prior registration and attendance data (migrated from a previous system). New printable membership cards can be quickly scanned at club entrances to record attendance (and entry and exit) easily and accurately.

BGC management can now track daily programming across multiple program types, including character and leadership development, education and career development, and the arts. A new data warehouse and integration with SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence enables BGC to analyze data and generate reports quickly and easily.

With the Cityspan system, the Greater Milwaukee BCG can better describe its services and outcomes to major stakeholders and funders, including the national BCG office. They now have the data to demonstrate program effectiveness and make the case for additional resources where they would have the greatest impact.


  • Long-term tracking of program performance (more than 10 years of registration and attendance data)
  • Dramatically reduced amount of time needed for 700 full-and-part-time employees and 300+ volunteers to collect and manage data
  • Increased safety and security with real-time scanning of membership cards
  • Automated reporting showing up-to-date information by club or chapter-wide
  • Ability to demonstrate quantifiable results to major funders
  • Integration with the National Youth Outcomes Indicators project (BGC national office)

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