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Ubuntu Education Fund leverages data to support comprehensive service delivery model

Written by Kara Johnson | October 31, 2016

Located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, The Ubuntu Centre is recognized internationally for pioneering an intervention model that emphasizes depth over breadth by delivering intensive services to a limited population. The Centre combines supports from three program areas: household stability, health, and education to create individualized service plans or "pathways" for two thousand of the township's orphaned and vulnerable children annually. By providing coordinated and encompassing care, the Centre seeks to change fundamentally the life of each participating child and household.

The Ubuntu Model is implemented within an award winning 25,000 sq. ft. facility that brings together multiple programs under one roof.  In a series of connected spaces, the building hosts a pediatric HIV clinic, pharmacy, classrooms, computer labs, theater, and rooftop garden. Staff development is administered through the Bertha-Ubuntu Internal Leadership Development (BUILD) initiative. Led by the Bertha Foundation, the initiative provides comprehensive programs to train each employee, track staff members’ performance, and offer them the same comprehensive medical services given to clients.

Working with the Ubuntu Education Fund's monitoring and evaluation team, Cityspan developed a data system that tracks the Centre's individual interventions and ensures that services are delivered in standardized and confidential formats.  The system supports a monthly reporting process that reflects the number and type of interventions, and a six-month cumulative milestone report that targets any discrepancies between client-level targets and outputs.  By using data to monitor progress against goals, the Centre maintains an active feedback loop to verify that systems are working and, if they are not, use data-driven metrics for making adjustments to the approach.

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